Saturday, May 10, 2014

{she} this week

Happy much?

This little girls is almost 10 months old! How did that happen?

You can't see the top ones here, but she has FOUR teeth now and is just about to get a whole mouthful more. These things are flying into her head, I tell you.

Can you believe this awesome sweater I got at the consignment shop for $5? Someone obviously spend a lot of time (and probably money on that gorgeous yarn!) on it, and I'm so delighted that it's a part of our world. She's been teething on those buttons like a crazy person and just LOVES to take whatever she's wearing off - particularly her hat. I have a feeling I might have two kiddos running naked before too long.

This little girl is a smart one. She's taking it all in, learning, learning, learning every day. She's certainly thinking about crawling, or at least finding her way around, but is pretty content now to sit and play. 
She's becoming a bit more clingy with me, which is fine. I know it's just a stage, and the sweet baby snuggles are just that - so sweet. It's hard to make dinner sometimes when she's howling to be held by me, but I know I'll miss these days when they're gone.

Just this week, she's begun holding her arms and hands up to be picked up. It's the most irresistable thing (except, perhaps, when she's covered in egg salad). 
She's also talk, talk, talking all the time - mostly baby blabbers, but lots of "DA! Dadadadadadadada".
I'm starting what will likely be a long and stressful week, so I'm trying to take a moment to settle in here and think about my baby girl. She's an absolute dream and I just love her to bits. I hope I'm able to keep balance this summer between doing the work that inspires me and spending time with these beautiful babies who grow up so fast.
Deep breath.