Tuesday, November 20, 2012


THIS little guy is having an interesting time.
Between his cold/fever, the time change, traveling for a long weekend, and finally arriving back home with a dry, hacking cough that only appears in the middle of the night, and, his little system is completely thrown off (and...hence...so are ours).
Am I a wicked broken record when it comes to sleep? I feel like there might be one or two (thousand) posts about it, but MAN it makes a difference.
So we've tried pretty much everything - elevating the mattress, the humidifier, honey, eucalyptus oil, a heater, a new down comforter, homeopathic meds, acetaminofen, ibuprofen - I think we might have finally figured out the beginning of the solution. So now to catch up on the sleep. I hope.
There have definitely been a few moments recently when I *might* save said, "Finn, stop crying. Go back to sleep" in a not-so-nice way to him at about 3am when we've been up for two hours with creaming unhappiness.
But then this happens the next morning - and all is forgiven.

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