Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Finn's been teaching me to do something I haven't done in a while - play. I realize now how very long it's been since I played as an adult, but with Finn - well, it's his job, so he takes it very seriously.

The honeymoon with our new house is over, so there are very few things I can look at without wanting to change them, but this little built-in bookshelf under the stairs has been a godsend (apart from the lead paint that was on it when we moved in!). It's the perfect place to stash all a portion of Finn's an more organized fashion some days than others.

This sweet little workbench was scored by my clever husband at the swap shop, a place at the dump where people leave items they no longer want, but may still be desirable to someone else. It's the perfect place for the tools he's acquiring as a result of his Dad being a contractor.

I just love the ways Finn's belongings seem to invade every corner of our world. It was something I was actively avoiding for some time, but gave into once we moved, and I must say, I was fighting a losing battle in the first place.

A rocking eggplant? Why not?

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