Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Oh for goodness sakes, I just realized I haven't updated you about baby number 2 yet - silly me :)

A couple of weeks ago, my mom, my husband, Finn, and I traipsed over to find out who we'll be welcoming into our family in July, and we are very pleased to report that it looks like little MISS Crossman-King will be arriving to complete our family.

We are totally thrilled to know that a daughter is headed our way, and Finn is going to be an awesome big brother. He's already saying "baby", and pointing to my belly and has just begun giving my belly kisses, which is just about the most adorable and hilarious thing ever, especially since he insists on kissing the absolute center of my belly button.

I'm feeling great and think that I've officially "popped" in the last few weeks, so it's nice to look down and see evidence of the awesomeness to come (not to mention the bumps and blips that are becoming stronger by the day).

Since we're in the unique situation of living on an island, we have a pretty good idea of how many students will be in her class, and it looks like there will be eight girls and two boys so far. What an interesting dynamic that will be after a class with four boys and two girls! I'm hoping they'll all be best friends, rather than engaging in the cattiness that can characterize girl relationships sometimes. Being in the school these past couple of months has really opened my eyes to those characteristics, something I can choose to worry about now or just revel in ruffle bum tights (I've decided on the latter).

We've got a couple of name ideas so far, but nothing official yet. I think we're going to wait to meet the little miss before making a decision. I'm just slightly worried that one of the other expectant moms may be thinking of a similar name, but I guess we'll just wait and see!

This is just going to be amazing/terrifying/overwhelming/life-changing and I cannot wait! Well, that's not true. I'll be very happy to wait until July. I've got a few things to do until then!  :)


  1. Hi,

    I've been reading your blog since you were on NPR (I also have a July 2011 baby) and I was wondering where you sent your paint in for lead testing? I got a test at the health dept and everything came up as not having lead, but I think that also happened with you and then you used a different method? My daughter's level was 4 so the doctor said not to worry, but still I do. We live in a house from 1910.


    1. Hi Megan,

      We got a free lead test kit from the state of Maine when Finn was about one - it included wipes, test tubes, a square measure, and gloves (I felt very scientific!). They suggested I test the kitchen floor, another floor in the house, and a window sill, so that's what we went with, though instead of testing a second floor, we tested the stairs, which turned out to be wicked high. We realized that a particular paint, which is here and there throughout the house is the culprit, so have taken steps to eliminate it...for now, that means paint and a stair runner, but eventually, the stairs will come out. Finn's level was super low, though, so we're not worried. Hope this all helps!

  2. I totally announced Owen's name when we found out we were having a boy, in a very elementary school "I call tibs" kind of way =)

  3. Owen! I love that name! The funniest part of all of this is that I've recently learned that TWO moms-to-be are naming their daughters Isabelle/ Isabella. One of them even put it on her tiered baby shower cake. Neither of the girls is born yet, so I guess there's time to change, but we definitely crossed that one off our list once we found that out!