Thursday, May 2, 2013

a new arrival

 No, no - she's not here yet, thank goodness.

This is an arrival of a different kind - two days ago, we welcomed my new massage studio to our property! It's a building that has moved around quite a lot on the island, and has now settled on Pumpkin Ridge for a new maifestation of its life.

It's a lovely building with a small loft and lots of windows (for which I've got to start sewing curtains to protect my clients' modesty!). There's a wood stove and a small deck and I'm just in love. Yes, the list of things needing to be done to it is lengthy, but it's here and it's mine and I couldn't be happier.

...and I'm not the only one!

 A certain someone was being a big "help on some of the equipment left behind by the movers (they picked it up this morning) - Finn's been learning how to balance, and walking back and forth on this I-beam was just so. much. fun. I do remember gaining a certain amount of certainty with a new skill and how good that feels, so I totally get this little guy thrilled to bits that he can walk back and forth without falling over.

Boys and toys - I literally had to tear him away from this stuff. What a hoot he is.

More later - hopefully befores and maybe even a few afters once I learn how to putty a window - stay tuned!

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