Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{him}: this week

so much excitement, we can barely stand it.
the dentist!!! we went to see the dentist for the first time! we are now enamored with all things dental - floss! new toothbrush (pooh toothbrush no less)! pink mouthwash! (no, not really. i scooted that one out of his goody bag before he saw it. he got a ring that says "look, ma, no cavities", a necklace shaped like a tooth that you can open and actually put your lost tooth in. he got to choose his toothpaste flavor (orange, in case you were wondering), and got his "teeth tickled".

ah, he was such a champ.
the next day, he got to watch mama as she got her teeth cleaned. he had quite the view, too from atop my belly, shoveling blueberries into his mouth and playing commentator.

come to think of it, he got a sticker at my appointment, too. how is that fair?

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