Monday, November 11, 2013

halloween 2013

better late than never, right?
behold, the results of a year of pinterest lurking and a few late nights in the studio for mama drinking red wine and listening to good music. i could get used to this!
a terrifying finn-o-saurus
 and a dinosaur egg ;)

it was such a wild and windy night here that we only hit a few houses on our mad dash around this island trying to avoid rain drops, but finn had a great time and keeps talking about how he's going to "knock doors, TRICK OR TREAT!!!" again next year ;)
i was pleasantly surprised by the number of houses that had mom-approved offerings for this little lad - fruit gummy snacks, crackers and peanut butter, freshly baked cookies, and chocolate covered pretzels. daddy happily took care of all the hard core candy, but finn did get one lindt truffle to indulge in from go fish, our local toy/penny candy store where rachel was giving kiddos their choice of halloween goodies from her shop - quite the treat indeed.
i'm thinking the whole family might get themed up next year - but what costumes to choose? happy decisions i can spend all night contemplating.
hoping you had a scream of a time, too!  ;)

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