Thursday, December 12, 2013

holy woah

OK, so I'm totally outing myself here - I said I wasn't going on Facebook for a week to get some stuff done around the house (you know, stuff I should totally be doing But then I saw this and reeeeaaaally wanted to share it (I'm a 5 by the way), so I logged in...what could ONE LITTLE SHARE do?
Well, then I realized I had a whole ton of notifications (what could it hurt to check my notifications???) and lo and behold, this popped up - time and time again on friends news feeds! Woah! Cool beans!
So then I started feeling guilty about not being here in a here you go - some cute pics of my kids. I've got a few posts started but not finished yet, so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

 sleeping really, this kid is an angel.

 a meeting of the minds at the candy store.
 SUCH a delightful, smiley girl.
my favorite new face.

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