Sunday, December 15, 2013

the v word

this was always the plan...
 one girl...

one boy...

we'd always planned to have two, to replace ourselves in the world and then call it quits. there were a few moments there when finn was very small when we thought maybe it would just be one, but as time went on, our feelings changed and along came lorelei.

so here we are, a family of four. we're quickly approaching the end of the year, a year wherein "voluntary sterilization" is covered by our insurance company.

that's right, folks.
the v word...

i'm writing because i'm shocked - SHOCKED - by the reaction i've been getting to my sharing this information.
"ooh, TMI!"
"doesn't chad care that you're telling me this?"
"my husband refuses - he wants me to do it instead"

ok, people. first of all, no. chad does not care that i'm talking about this on the interweb. in fact, he doesn't care that i talk about it with anyone. neither of us can figure out what the big deal is. 
I PUSHED TWO PEOPLE OUT OF MY VAGINA, but we can't talk about an in-office appointment that takes 30 mintues and allows me to experience what it's like to be a single parent for 48 hours while my husband sits in bed, reading and watching the final battle scenes for every action movie from the last two decades (no, seriously, that's what he did).

WHAT is the big deal? are we really a society so attached to manhood that we can't talk about a simple procedure that puts men in a mild amount of discomfort (3 out of 10 at its words, according to chad) for a few days? compared to 18 months of pregnancy, not to mention two births and the battle to "get our bodies back", it seems like a small price to pay (and pay back your wife/partner!) to prevent further pregnancies.

funnily enough, we didn't get the "what if your kids die and you get divorced" talk - the only legitimate reason i could think of to pause in our decision to get done making babies. what IF? but neither of us is getting any younger and - much as we loooooooove them - babyhood is just something we'd like to put behind us. lorelei, at 5 months, is just getting super fun - those belly laughs are so addictive! 
but let's not sugar coat this - this parenting gig is HARD. really, really, really HARD. like, i've started going to therapy hard. 

we got what we wanted - who could ask for more than that?

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