Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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So I think we might have a tooth or two on the way...I hope it's the latter because if we have to do this every time Finn gets a tooth, I might die.
No, not really.
Well, maybe.
God, who would have thought I'd wind up with such a sensitive little dude?  I mean, I'm super sensitive and Chad's super sensitive, but I thought maybe it skipped a generation. Guess not.
Man, we had SUCH a rough day on Saturday- Finn took about an hour total in naps and was just super cranky allllll day unless a boob was in his mouth. I'm so grateful that Chad was home this weekend, which allowed me a bit of a respite, but it was pretty heinous.
Of course, that night, he slept from 7pm to 4am, which is a first. I could definitely get used to sleeping for 7 hours straight.  Incidentally, I actually woke up before him, realized what time it was, decided that he was probably dead, and spent about ten minutes debating whether to go find out for sure or go back to sleep and enjoy the next few hours of sleep before making the discovery. Luckily, he chose that moment to squawk and jog me out of my unpleasant musings.
Ah well, it's not so bad right at the moment - he's been asleep for nearly two hours, which has allowed me to write not one but TWO blog posts, so that's a bonus. What other blog post did I write, you ask? (Did you like that segue?)
I've been really inspired to be crafty as of late as I mentioned in my last post, so I figured I'd try to nurture that side of things a bit and start a blog about it - if you'd like to check it out, there is a brand spanking new post at www.missionsimplification.blogspot.com.
In the meantime, here's a super cute photo of Finn with his teething toy of choice...
yes, it's a banana toothbrush. and it's awesome.

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