Friday, February 24, 2012

love notes

Here we go - as promised, moments from the week that I captured in hopes of becoming more present and basking in what I have, while acknowledging that it is not, nor will it ever be, perfect, and that is perfectly ok.

Dear Finn,

I love your smiles and laughs...

I love your ability to let us know what you want, even without words...

...even when you're being loud about it.

I love your curiosity about everything in your world.
I love how adventuresome you are about eating ANYthing that we do (even spicy peanut sauce!), but aren't even remotely interested in eating the "baby food" I've spent time making and freezing for you
I love, love, love the top of your head that (though I can hardly believe it) is even softer than it looks in these photos....
...and the way you've just got to know what's going on at all times.

...not to mention those eyes :)

It's such a privilege to know you - every day is an adventure.

(they won't always be this sappy - promise!!)