Thursday, March 29, 2012


this week, finn...

tried chicken tortilla soup - and LOVED it, cilantro, chiles, and all - obviously my kid.
tried bittersweet chocolate pudding from "Desserted", the new cookbook from Kate Schaeffer of Black Dinah Chocolates. I was expecting fireworks - and if he could have, I think he would have said, "meh" - obviously not my kid.
perfected his "push up", precursor to what I'm afraid might become a full-fledged CRAWL in the near future. Gulp.

this week, i...
learned that i need to let go of control a bit more - like when i look through the photos and realize there are very few of me and finn because i've always got to have photos just so...but there's something really lovely about pictures that AREN'T perfect.
thanks, babe :)

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