Saturday, March 3, 2012

come right in!

Welcome to Finn's room! 
This is a post I've been meaning to write for a while, but just hadn't gotten around to, and hadn't taken the "right" pictures of yet, though I'd tried a few times. Yesterday, though, I got inspired to get the photos up (you'll see why in a minute). For now, let's take the tour!
 This is the view from Finn's crib of his door, bedecked with a beautiful name rug made my a dear friend of ours. It's the first part of his bedtime ritual with his Dad, where they say goodnight to everything in his room, starting with his rug. Very sweet, let me tell you.  The print on the wall is tough to see, but it's a gem that I bought several years ago, just knowing that it would fit perfectly in with whatever nursery we wound up with and has been on the wall since long before Finn was born. The curtain on the far left is one I whipped up in a fit of sewing madness to cover up the mess that is the inside of his closet. It's the latest "under the sea"-themed things in his room. I wasn't going for a "theme", but we seem to sort of have one anyway. Such is my life.

Here we are with more underwater action (taking photos of windows is hard!).  My aunt makes really beautiful netted bags and created this mobile as a special request from me. It wound up being a bit too long for the ceilings in his room, so now it hangs in the window, which I quite like anyway. And it matches the curtain I made for him perfectly :)  The curtain fabric is also what will be on his bumpers when his mattress is low enough for them to fit! Ah, the benefits of having a stationary child. 
 Just below the mobile is this former bait box, now toy box painted by our friend, who is the Art teacher on the island - without seeing Finn's room, she just happened to paint it in the exact same colors as his wall and floor. It was meant to be. 
Finn's outrageously awesome lamp was a gift from his grandparents, created by a local artist and destined to be a part of his world for a long time. He's an absolutely perfect addition to his space (just love the nonplussed expression on him). You can't see it now, but the rug on the floor in front of the box is yet another underwater image of a whale.

This is probably one of my favorite details in Finn's room: a toolbox that my great-grandfather (Maddox), and my grandfather (Crossman) used when they were in business together. It's been repurposed as a toy shelf, and I LOVE it's beaten up "distressed finish". I found it in my Dad's shop in a pile of stuff he was going to bring to the dump, and knew it had to be mine.
Ah, and here we are at the piece de resistance...the crib. It was created as a labor of love by Finn's grandfather and daddy and is absolutely stunning in birch. It converts from a crib to a toddler bed to a full-sized bed, so the time and energy that was put into it will be with him for a looong time. Which is good, considering that we spent WAY more for the wood than we would have if we had simply purchased a crib in the first place. Ah well, live and learn. I love it just the same.

There are totally sweet creatures atop his crib watching over him - a stegosaurus made by a super crafty friend, and owl made by another out of recycled sweaters.
oh, and I made the sheet.  Feeling pretty bad ass about that.  And it was this small fact upon which this entire post was based.
I just really, really, really love that so many of the things in his room were made for him or are reminders of very important people in his life (and there are so many that didn't make it into these photos! - Meg, you're getting your own post :)  And I'm glad that I can be part of that crafty little world that he gets to live in.
There. Thanks for indulging me :)


  1. I love your craftiness my dear. And so does that son of yours!

  2. this made me all eye-rubby and cozy and I nap.xo :-)