Monday, May 28, 2012


so for the past few weeks, finn's taken a bit of a shining to goat's milk.
it's great for me because it allowed me to go away for the first time (ah sleep, sweet sleep), and it also means that he'll take a bottle from me now, which is a totally new experience. it's tricky learning how to hold him and hold the bottle when i'm used to just sticking him on "the boob" (as we call it around here).
so now my role has changed from sole provider of sustenance to primarily soothing. it's been pretty seamless and we've both adapted well to it. i've been so busy that i didn't have time to think too much about it, which is just as well. i try hard not to get too precious about anything...i can be extremely sentimental, and it would just be overwhelming if i really thought about how much he's grown and changed already (at almost 11 months old!), and at such a rapid rate.
see, now i'm thinking about it and getting all choked up and misty. it's just as well that i haven't been able to think too much about it.
the decision to start with goat's milk was precipitated by the acknowledgment that i was running out of stores of breast milk and we were going to need to send something to day care with him when i'm at my new part-time job. i really didn't want to supplement with formula and figured that the milk is at least super local and plentiful for now.
the only snafu in the whole process was ordering his bottle. i thought i was ordering him one to match mine, which is a dark red, so i ordered raspberry, which - it turns out - is bright screaming pink.
ah well, luckily i married a guy whose masculinity isn't challenged by a little bit of challenging gender stereotypes.

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