Wednesday, May 2, 2012


so we had a little baby food crisis last week.

first off, let me say that i was NOT going to feed my child packaged baby food. heck no. instead, i spent time steaming, pureeing and freezing butternut, apple, spinach, pear, sweet potato...the list goes on.
when i offered him those items in the first place, he was a fan, so i froze them, feeling very proud and giving myself a little pat on the back.

then finn stopped eating all the food i so lovingly put away for him.

so i decided i'd just puree up whatever we were eating and give that to him. the same thing happened. he ate it up for about a week or two, then nothing.

THEN we went over to a friend's house who had some of the happy baby packets, and finn tried a spinach-mango-pear blend that he LOVED. so finn's grammie went over to the mainland and picked up a selection, all of which he ate with gusto. it seemed like we had found a winner, so i ordered a bunch more on line...when they still hadn't arrived a week later, and we were back to table food - hummus, yogurt, etc.

when the packets finally arrived, he practically inhaled one, giving me a huge sigh of relief. but evidently, that was a fluke because he hasn't eaten more than two or three bites since and is getting VERY well-versed in the joys of blowing raspberries with a mouth full of pureed food of various colors. we've tried loads of different varieties, but just can't get him interested again. of course, this cloud does have a silver lining - he's a pretty cute kid in general, but man - when he wrinkles his nose in disgust at something, it is pretty friggin adorable.

so i guess this is just another lesson - there is no predicting the whims of mr. finnley james. we just have to go with the flow. it is encouraging, though, that he digs guacamole, hummus, quinoa chili, scrambled eggs, and (as was evidenced  last night) greek orzo salad with feta and fermented garlic.

what a character.


  1. We do a lot of that too, one week's favorite is the next week's most furious refusal. Still shocked that Brannon likes pesto salmon. In fact, out of all of the things I offered him for lunch, including usual favorites like winter squash and peach rice pudding, the bulk of what he ate was bits of the pesto salmon I made for myself. See if Finn will tell you the secret to getting babies to eat scrambled eggs. I made the mistake of once giving Brannon some spinach egg frittata and he has since decided that anything that resembles the yellow of that unpopular meal is going to taste the same and is not edible. No matter how much cheese I put in it, he won't even try it. Babies. XOXOXO, Heather

  2. ah, you're lucky!! Gil has asthma and Levi couldn't do dairy for 2 years, so I'm stuck following the strictest guidelines for introducing foods. My poor girl gets oatmeal and apple sauce more than I want to admit. We do a lot of dairy free/egg free eating and she will enjoy that (and thank god - protein is ok now!), but I can't wait to get to the point where I can offer her whatever - and not prepare special gretchen meals!

    p.s. - don't worry about what he's eating or not eating - this is all about fun still!