Monday, May 21, 2012

Sarah's Big Adventure

Big news, folks.

Last week, I spent my first night away from Chad and Finn.
And guess what? We all survived.
I know, I know - shocking but true.  It was a very spontaneous, last-minute whirlwind trip to pick up costumes for Singin' in the Rain.  It was just the right amount of time for a first night away - off on the 1:00 boat, and back on the 2:45. There was some knitting, some amaaaaaazing fries at Duckfat (always, always get the garlic aioli), some great conversation, and a whole lotta COSTUMES. Wow, I had no idea that many clothes could fit into one place. It was amazing.
Then there was Thai food and a solid night's sleep with just a twinge of guilt knowing Chad would be getting up at least once (yeah, that sleeping through the night thing didn't last long).
The next morning, we went to Bintliff's for breakfast (splurged on the smoked salmon plate), which fueled us up for an epic morning of errand-running (am I the only one who gets ridiculously excited about going to Trader Joe's?). Man, living on an island really makes you a marathon shopper - you would not BELIEVE how much we got done before 10am.
En route home, we stopped at Pyro City. Can you believe that there is a place called Pyro City? It's a fireworks emporium and my partner in crime needed to pick some sparklers up. I tried to resist the temptation, but it was too strong, and I wound up going in. Wow, what a trip. The place was INSANE. I gave in and bought one that I was assured is not too loud for Finn's birthday. If it goes well (meaning we're all intact after setting it off), we might wind up making it a tradition - I mean, why not take advantage of the fact that his birthday is the day before the 4th of July? 
Anyhoo, it was a fantastic getaway...apart from the fact that my faithful breast pump decided to kick the bucket while we were gone, meaning I was (literally) exploding when I finally picked up Finn, who was only too happy to provide me with some relief.

Turned out that he and daddy had had a perfectly lovely evening - only got up once in the night for a quick bottle. He was happy to see me...truth be told, I don't actually think he noticed that I was gone. Does it hurt? A little. But it also sort of feels like I've opened a Pandora's Box...
...but really, who could spent TOO long away from this one?
Not me.

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