Sunday, July 1, 2012

mission accomplished.

so for months now i've been planning to make finn a crown for his first birthday, not knowing if i'd actually get it done. once we bought the house and i wasn't even sure where my sewing machine was (much less where it would fit in my eventual "craft room", i had kind of let it go.
but over the past couple of days, all the stars aligned long enough to make it. using felt, elastic, and a piece of leftover fabric from his closet curtain, the crown is ready and waiting for the price to wear...
only two more days!

thinking back over the last year, i don't really wonder where the time has gone. i feel like i've been in it, you know what i mean? IN. IT. i feel like i've spent most of my waking moments with this little guy and that i've really taken it in - maybe more than i've necessarily wanted to sometimes. those first few months were a challenge, that's for sure.

but now that we're here, i really, truly, honestly can't remember life without this little guy. he's the first thing i think about when i wake up and the last thing i think about before i fall asleep. he's got a smile that can brighten the darkest day and a sense of humor with perfect timing (not to mention those dashing good looks!). no one day is the same as any other, and i feel myself stretching and growing to be the mom i want him to have.

it hasn't always been perfect, and i doubt it ever will be, but there are glimpses of perfection every once in a while and that's enough for me.

thank you, finn, for being everything i never knew i was missing.

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