Saturday, January 26, 2013


I was a bit absent during the holidays, so I wasn't able to update you on Finn's hilarious new talent that he displayed in the middle of the Christmas Eve service at school.

Aside: Yes, we are THOSE people who attend church on Christmas Eve specifically for the carols. Until I figure out a way to rectify my Roman Catholic upbringing with our non-existent spiritual activities now, that's what works for me. There is something very appealing about those carols and that fellowship, but church as an institution just doesn't work for me right now based upon political and personal views that clash with those of the church. Just sayin'.

So we're sitting in the pew in front of some totally delightful people we know who I was pretty sure weren't going to get upset if Finn was slightly distracting...which, it turns out, he was.

Throughout the course of the mass, Finn was very social. He repeatedly said "hi" to everyone within (and some without) earshot, tried valiantly to single-handedly demolish every bible and song book within reach. He walked up and down the pew we were sitting in, sneakily pilfering toys from neighboring children. He wanted to get up, down, up, down, up and down about every 3.5 seconds and removed about half of the tissues from the box sitting near us.

But, somehow, he was an angel during the music - whenever the organ was playing and we were singing, he was silent, trying to figure out what was going on, perhaps, or maybe just enjoying himself. Either way, he was delightful during "Joy to the World", "Silent Night", and all the rest.

The fun started when the priest started his sermon. By that point, we'd been at the church for over half an hour, crammed into a pew with very little to keep him interested that wasn't going to also get him in trouble. Finn was getting antsy. I'm also pretty sure he was raring for another song, because, during a pause in the sermon, Finn bursts out (very enthusiastically) with the only song he knows -


It was absolutely hilarious. The priest never missed a bit, but we were in total stitches. It will most certainly be one of my very favorite moments of Finn's childhood - one that will get told over and over. I think it says a lot that I really like about him - that he's social, he's a performer, he isn't afraid to say what he thinks...but most of all, it says that he likes to have fun, and really - what's more important than that when you're 18 months old? Not much :)

For your enjoyment, here are a few more Christmas moments for you - only a month late:

Very serious discussions with Santa

Checking out the tree on Christmas Eve

Digging into Mama's stocking

Taking a little clementine break

First ride in the totally sweet vintage wagon I scored on Ebay (*pats self on back*)

Because really, who doesn't want their very own bean bag for Christmas?

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