Saturday, March 15, 2014

he's got his own language

Finn is a toddler. He has a toddler language. It's hilarious. Here are some examples.

down-downstairs - because you can't just say it once.

baby DIE - by far the most hilarious thing finn says - "CR" isn't a sound he can make, so "D" begins any word starting with that sound, and you should see the funny looks we get at the grocery store and lorelei starts crying and finn is yelling "baby die! baby die!" at the top of his lungs.

dampa & nammie - his island grandparents, who he sees regularly. it's so funny - i'm just realizing that he recognizes vehicles now. we'll drive through town and he'll be able to point out "dampa"'s truck, even if it's not in a likely location. or if we're driving by their house, he'll say, "where's nammie" because her car isn't in the driveway. smart cookie, this kid.

nammie boo-boo - my mom, who lives in CT...I had always hoped that finn would come up with some awesome names for his grandparents. some friends are called gummy and gumpy by their grandkids, which just melts my heart. i mean, really - does it get any cuter than that? so i'm THRILLED that he came up with this freaking adorable nickname for my mom. it's just the cutest darn thing. and even though he doesn't get to see her all that often, he still talks about her every day in his fun, imaginative playtime now. she's either reading him a book or taking a nap. it's really very sweet.

i doit - "do" and "it" are combined into one word basically means, I'll do it myself, and believe me, he says it a LOT. usually accompanied by lots of "no!"s.

oo-why - Lorelei

binn, or sometimes winn - Finn

nee-na - granola. he and i have a granola-making date each week, and if i'm not up and at em early enough with breakfast on the table pretty much as soon as he wakes up, he can be very demanding about having some.

eep, beah, manha (as in mahna mahna!) - the triumvirate - sheep, bear, and llama...

ur-up - syrup (this is pretty obvious, but pretty hilarious)

croc-a-di-dill - crocodile...pretty obvious, but this one kills me every time

woddy: coffee. our son is well versed in the beverages that make his parents happy - wine, beer, woddy.

Oh man, there's more, so much more...and more than that besides since there's still some stuff I don't understand all the way. He responds to some things with a perky little "oh!", and sometimes when he gets really excited trying to explain something, he winds himself up into a loop ..."and, and, and, and, and, and, and..."

I want to get these all down now because as fast as this kid is growing and as quickly as he's learning, I know it will all be a blip on the radar of development.

I went in to say goodnight to Finn after putting Lorelei down last night and he just wanted to talk - to talk, and talk, and talk...processing all of those thoughts in that little brain. And all he wanted me to do was listen, and I did, and it was awesome. Man, so much happens in so little time and sometimes all they want is for you to listen, and I have to was probably the most satisfying moment of my day. Because I really LIKE him. I LIKE him SO MUCH. He just chattered on about types of animals and how bears were animals and how they live in the woods and maybe we could go in the woods and see the bears and do they eat poop (insert hysterical laughter. poop is hilarious). He's such a little guy, but so big at the same time. It's really starting to fly, this time thing.

I was telling Chad that it's going to be SO COOL when Lorelei is Finn's age and she's talking and her real personality is starting to shine through. So Lorelei will be 2 & 1/2 and Finn will be 4 & 1/2 and then they can stop growing up.


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