Thursday, March 6, 2014


My swap gift arrived! 


I think something like this was exactly what I was after - "meeting" new people who are so far away and - in many ways - so different from me, but who now feel a bit closer.

The woman who created this gorgeous trivet is Renee of Heirloom Seasons. I've only just discovered her via this lovely gift and have enjoyed delving into her life via her blog. So far, I've found it so inspiring, such a good reminder to slow down and to pay attention to what's important.

Renee mentioned in her note that she sews from her vintage feedsack pieces. I'm just in love with some of these patterns and can't quite decide which I like best. Finn keeps changing his mind, too. 

I just adore these little bookmarks.

Thank you, Renee (and Amanda and Anna)! 
What a lovely time it's been swapping - looking forward to another one this summer!

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  1. geez, I don't know what I like more- the awesome swap gift (so pretty! makes me want to finally learn my way around my sewing machine) or the fact that you named this post 'huzzah!". so glad your package has made it safely all the way from CO to ME.