Wednesday, April 25, 2012

another meeting of the minds

last week, finn had another meeting with the class of 2029. you may remember the first meeting, when finn was only 9 days old. there have been two other meetings since then, but it was another experience all together this time. with two kiddos walking, one crawling, and two working on all of the above, this five-some was a sight to behold.

i'm so very grateful to be a part of this group of mamas who are doing such an incredible job with their kiddos. they're all so completely awesome in their own little ways and i can already see the ways they're learning from us and from one another.
we decided to have a picnic at lane's island, a nature preserve on the island that is covered with walking trails and has a beautiful view of the ocean. i'm sure we were quite a sight to behold - five moms, five kiddos, one dog, and a huge variety of food. the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and we got to watch some forever friends being made.

what could be better?

well...margaritas, obviously.
we'll rectify that next time :)

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