Friday, April 20, 2012

makin' strange vs social butterfly

have you ever heard of this saying? becoming a parent, i feel like i've entered this society that has it's own vocabulary, and i'm not sure if it's a maine thing or if this is something that everyone knows about.

assuming i'm not the ONLY person who doesn't know, "makin' strange" refers to the way some kids shy away from strangers and are very clingy to one or both parents (to the best of my knowledge - please correct me if i'm mistaken!).  basically, i love this turn of phrase and use it at every possible juncture. usually in the negative, because luckily, this is not a phenomenon that we're familiar with around here.
oh, no - quite the opposite. 

i bring this kid to day care and he cries when i pick him up. after all that attention, and all that stimulation, i'm SUPER boring.  so to stop his fussing, we go on a walk downstreet and stop in and visit the postmistress, get a few new books at the library, say hello to the ladies at the bank, pick up a few things at the grocery, and visit friends. he smiles, laughs, and is super charming. he gets passed from person to person, babbling, blowing raspberries, making his very cutest noises. we walk home, and as soon as we walk into the house, he's a basket case again.

what. the. heck. child.

we went to a benefit dinner last night for a local family, and finn spent the majority of the dinner sitting in another woman's lap charming the pants off a bunch of people at our table and others, many of whom he has either never met. this kid, who is very touch and go about what he'll eat, was shoveling food in with nary a protest (until he started blowing raspberries with a full mouth).

then we get home, and he's freaking delightful. we completely avoided his cranky hour and passed meltdown o'clock. it's half an hour past his bedtime, and he is having a blast in his bath, is completely agreeable when he's taken out (not usually the case, to say the least), and went off to bed without a hitch.

we are now accepting dinner invitations during the 6:00 hour for the forseeable future.

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