Saturday, July 13, 2013

dead bug!

so there's this game we play at our house. it's called dead bug.
what? you don't name your family snuggle game after expired insects?

it all started when my husband was having a rough time sleeping, dealing with sciatica and hip joint issues, so we had the futon in the living room permanently unfolded in it's "bed" position for a few weeks. finn, of course, thought this was all for him and took it upon himself to perform all sorts of outrageous gymnastics on it (which mostly consisted of him slamming himself down face-first into the cushions). over the course of a week or so, it became "the" place to be while i was cooking dinner - close enough to keep an eye on the kitchen, but fun enough to keep the kiddo happy and out from underfoot.

during this time, finn and daddy spent a lot of time snuggling and rough housing on the futon, ultimately resulting in chad sticking his legs and arms up in the air and yelling "dead bug!" thus, the name of the game was born.

over the months, the game has evolved into anything resembling snuggling, and has now migrated to the parental bed - finn wakes up in the morning, pads over to his door, opens it, comes into our room, and demands, "up! mommy, daddy dead bug". what follows is utter delight, for the most part - creating a tent with our bed coverings for him to burrow into, lots of snuggles, tickle parties, and "this little piggy" playing. often, dead bug is uneventful, but sometimes there's a particularly unpleasant head butt or bonk into the headboard. like i said, though - more often than not, it's a great opportunity to have some quality family time without leaving the comfort of our bed, which is pretty sweet. it's been busy around here, and i'll take all of that stuff i can get.

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