Tuesday, July 30, 2013


finn has this absolutely adorable way of saying "more" - he adds an "ah" just before "more" and it sounds just like amore.

so I get to spend my days with a beautiful little boy who says "love" all day long.


and speaking of love, this kiddo could not be cuter with his new little sister ("MY baby") - showering her with kisses and insisting to hold her whenever he gets a chance.

in other words, there's LOTS of love around here these days.
not a lot of sleep, but lots of love, thanks to this little pipsqueak...

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  1. Sarah,

    I just wrote you the longest comment but it got deleted when I tried to sign into my google account to post it! So I"ll recap. I found out about you through The Baby Project. How you describe Finn and your experiences are exactly how we film and edit Family Portrait films at my company, Ezra Productions. You can see samples here: http://www.ezraproductions.com/#!family-films/c1zm6. We capture those quiet moments when kids express who they are, parents express wonderment and satisfaction, and when memories are made and reflected upon, right before they're forgotten. We create time capsules of sorts for families. Anyway, we work for online magazines to produce content in addition to working with families and companies to produce videos, and I was wondering if you'd be open to doing a video version of The Baby Project for NPR or another news outlet. If you have any interest in that idea at all, or if you think NPR might be interested, please contact me! Please use the e-mail or phone number below.