Tuesday, February 11, 2014

{him}...this week

i mean, come on.
can we just stop there? look at this guy - he's just a dream...until he does something like this:

where does he get his sense of humor? clearly, this boy loves an audience.

let's see - what's going on with finn these days? 
***he's talking up a storm - definitely still has his own language (more to come on that topic), but i'm often pleasantly surprised by how well some adults can understand him, especially if they're paying attention to HIM and not trying to have a conversation with me.
***imaginative play is in full effect. there is a grocery store in our bathroom, and he is constantly serving us ice cream from behind various pieces of furniture. he's almost always whipping up something (usually hot dogs) in his kitchen. his new favorite game (and mine!) is "naptime", where he covers you up with blankets and reads books to you. yup, finn...that's my kind of game. oh, also, he's decided that there's a rooster living in our guest room. yup, like i said. full effect.
***he's almost completely potty trained! he was just READY one day (especially about wearing undies, thanks to a book we got for Christmas). we still wear a diaper at night, but he's woken up dry from both naps and overnights, so we'll be transitioning out of those soon, too! how freaking awesome is that? let me tell you: SO awesome.

i mean, the dude is two. SO TWO...all of it - every inch the obstinate, stubborn, dig-his-heels-in little twit.
but then he says, "i wud you mama" in that little voice that makes every cell in my body MELT, and i get back up and dust myself off and get ready for another wild ride.

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