Sunday, February 23, 2014

{she}...this week

Two teeth, ha ha.
 (to be read in the voice of "The Count" from Sesame Street.

leaps and bounds this week, people - leaps and bounds. in addition to cutting her first two teeth, this little girl is chowing down on everything in sight...tonight, it was chicken stew with biscuits.
we're loosely following a method called "baby led weaning", wherein the baby gets whatever the family is eating in baby-appropriate sizes on a tray and goes to town feeding him or herself. it's so much less stressful than making or buying her special food - she just gets what we get and mashes it all over herself, tosses it off the high chair, feeds the dog, etc. it's a total mess, but she loves it in a way she did NOT like purees (she's still getting most of her nutrients from me, anyway - this is more like practice eating), and her hand-eye coordination is kicking into high gear. now, she gets things into her mouth on the first try...most of the time, anyway.

unfortunately, with cutting teeth comes teething, and while she's just been her delightful little self during the day, she has woken up more often during the night. i'm afraid we may have to do the sleep training thing again, which i am most decidedly not looking forward to...but midnight and 4am are starting to be my least favorite times of day.

 we're heading south to an avett brothers concert in a few weeks, and are only planning to bring lorelei (finn will have his first sleepover with his island grandparents), and we're both really looking forward to getting some two-on-one time with her. it's so rare that she gets us all to herself with her needy, demanding, drama-queen, rambunctious brother around, requesting our attention at all times.

this babyhood is flying, FLYing by in a way that finn's didn't...whereas with finn, i couldn't wait for him to get older, especially for those first few months, i'm already really missing those early days with lorelei. mostly because i feel like i really did miss them - it's so hard to savor time with number two when number one (in more ways than one around here!) has a whole other set of much more pressing needs (at least in his mind, and he doesn't mind sharing that with everyone within earshot).

stay little just a while longer, please, l...please?

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