Sunday, February 16, 2014

what's a group of 7 called?

this week, i want to share a phenomenon that's been developing for the past two years, slowly but surely...finn's stuffies.
so these are the friends that finn sleeps with. he doesn't usually take them out of the house, thank goodness, since i'm sure we'd have lost one or more by now - we've certainly had our share of scares.


it started as one - a gift from one of chad's caretaking clients: sheep.

then my mom got sheep a friend: bear.

a couple of months ago, we took a trip downeast to visit chad's mom and finn picked out a new member (the three are now nicknamed the triumvirate)...llama joined the crew.

then the strangest thing happened - three became six virtually overnight. one night, he went to sleep with his three "regulars", and in the morning, he woke up with six - welcome to "bunny bear", platypus, and "rachel bear".

i'll stop here for a quick intro to these characters - finn's had all three since he was wee - in one case, before he was born.
"rachel bear", so named after the woman who gave him to me - was the first gift i received when i found out i was pregnant in the UK.
"bunny bear", a flawlessly handknit bear wearing a full bunny suit was made for him by another dear friend from england, but given to him in person when he was just a few days old.
platypus was sewn for finn by his "nammie", my stepmom and the grandmother he sees most often. it's made of scraps from a hat that she made for him (which, i believe, was made from scraps from a hat that she made for herself).

and so there were six.

and then we had a visit from chad's mom a few weeks ago now and giraffe found a home in our hearts - and finn's arms.

so now, there are seven. there is a bit of an overrepresentation of a certain brand name, but i'm ok with that - jellycat (sheep, bear, and giraffe are all jellycat) is my undisputed favorite brand of stuffy.

i'm getting a little nervous that we're going to have to hire someone to carry these guys around, but so far, he can carry them all - just. pretty sure we're at maximum capacity now - i'm hopeful that he doesn't take a shine to another!

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