Sunday, February 23, 2014

the n word

no, not THAT word!
sheesh. what kind of blog do you think this is, anyway?

no, the n word i'm talking about is




i don't think that many exclamation points can even begin to express how excited finn is about nipples - his own, mine when i'm feeding lorelei, the fact that everyone has them, his enthusiasm for showing his own to people....

case in point:

yesterday, i had some friends over. we were discussing their wedding, trying to hammer out some details and get them in a good place...all is going swimmingly, and then...

finn drops his undies, pulls up his shirt and yells at the top of his voice

(you guessed it)


perhaps i should use a different font size...would that help?


why he needed to drop his undies to show everyone his nipples remains a mystery.

oh, who am i kidding, most of the things this kid remain a mystery to me.

a hilarious, adorable mystery, but a mystery nonetheless.

1 comment:

  1. Cute story! I just got your swap package in the mail -- thank you! I love it all! I've always wanted to make lip balm, etc, but have never got organized enough to actually do it. I can't wait until M fits into her new little trousers! Thank you for everything!